We all know there’s nothing quite like a steaming hot shower to start the day on a chilly Sydney morning. But what happens if you turn on the shower and instead of hot water, you get face full of freezing cold water? Definitely not a good way to start the day! Sadly, this is the case for many Sydney residents as we enter the cooler months and their old water heaters fail. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution – installing a new hot water unit. However, with so many options to choose from it can get rather confusing. Luckily, we’ve provided this brief article to help you weigh up your options and decide on the best “hottie” for your needs.

Solar Hot Water Systems


Solar hot water systems use the electricity generated by the solar panels on your roof to heat the storage tank. Solar systems may also include a booster for less sunny days when the energy generated by your panels is insufficient to meet your hot water needs. There are many advantages to installing a solar hot water system. Firstly, as most of the energy used to heat the water comes freely from the sun, your reliance on the grid is decreased and you can save a substantial amount of money off your utility bills. Secondly, a solar hot water heating system is also an asset which increases your home’s value. Finally, by using renewable solar energy you will reduce your carbon footprint and decrease your greenhouse gas emissions considerably. Although, solar hot water systems have a lot going for them, they can be more expensive to set up initially.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems


Heat pump hot water systems are a newer technology that operates by absorbing heat from the air surrounding the tank to heat your water. They transfer heat from the outside to the inside – a little like a refrigerator in reverse. Heat pump systems are extremely energy efficient as there is little heat loss like conventional hot water storage tanks. Also, despite using electricity, these units are extremely environmentally-friendly as they use less energy overall which could mean lower electricity bills. These systems are also easier than solar to install and cost less.

Gas Instantaneous Systems


Gas instantaneous systems are different to traditional tank heaters in that they don’t actually store any water. Instead they only heat as much water as required, when it’s required. These systems are currently one of the best on the market as they provide unlimited hot water on demand. The unit itself is also much smaller and more compact than tank heaters meaning they can be installed in small spaces or to create more room. Gas instantaneous heaters also present reasonable energy savings as there is no heat loss as they don’t need to continuously keep heating the tank’s water all day and night. Additionally, these gas continuous flow systems have an extremely long lifespan. However, gas instantaneous systems are not as energy-efficient as heat pump water heaters and are the temperature may vary slightly now and then.

Decided which type of hot water system you want?

Whether a solar, heat pump or gas instantaneous system will best suit your needs depends on a number of factors such as your energy plan, budget, available space and personal preference. For free no-obligation advice on the most suitable hot water installation for your home or business, please call Silver Water Plumbing on 8294 6968 or visit our website at www.silverwaterplumbing.com.au.


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