Silver Water Plumbing (SWP) Warranty Statement:

  1. Labour & Workmanship Warranty
  2. Manufacturer’s Warranty

Labor & Workmanship Warranty

  • SWP warrants at the completion of work undertaken at the service/installation/repair site, SWP warrants all specific work undertaken at that time, where labour and workmanship for: 
    • 50 Years – Labour, workmanship and materials used for relines and sewer replacement.
    • Lifetime (LW) – All other labour or workmanship
  • SWP Lifetime Warranty (LW) only relates to labour and workmanship of actual work carried out at the time of the service call.
  • SWP LW does not include defects or problems that require remedy, caused by other consequential issues.
  • SWP LW does not include work required due to the failure of associated equipment to SWP labour used at the time of the job unless that equipment was installed by SWP and is still within the Manufacturer’s warranty period.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • SWP supports all manufacturers warranties of equipment supplied by SWP and will arrange the supply of a replacement piece of equipment from the manufacturer. Freight and labour associated with replacement, are at the customer’s expense, unless SWP labour costs are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Labour required to replace or change parts to equipment under the Manufacturer’s warranty is at the customers expense, unless SWP labour costs are included as part of the manufacturer’s warranty.

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