Blocked Drain in Sydney?– Tree Roots in your Pipes could be the Cause.

Everyone like trees but unfortunately, they may be causing some unseen damage to your property. Trees need water to survive and their root system is always looking for nutrients. In our current drought, trees are becoming more aggressive in their thirst. Two of the most accessible water sources for plants are sewer and water lines. Moisture in these pipes provides the perfect conditions for the growth of tree roots. Due to cracks and bends in these pipes, tree roots may enter them and begin to grow. Eventually flow will decrease and blockages ensue which can negatively affect the integrity of pipe networks. In severe cases, this may even cause a complete blockage or destruction your sewer and stormwater system. In these cases, it could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to dig up and repair blocked pipes.

RootX – The Best Way to Stop Tree Roots Blocking in Sydney

Traditionally, plumbers use either an electric eel or high-pressure water jetter to cut through tree roots blocking pipes. However, like pruning a tree, this is only a temporary solution as eventually the tree roots will creep back into your pipes and cause further blockages in as little as 6 to 12 months. A more modern blocked drain solution is RootX. RootX is a simple and proven way to kill roots blocking sewer lines and septic systems. After removing the offending tree roots from your drains, we apply RootX to kill any remaining roots within the drain.

How does RootX Work?

The RootX formulation creates a foam on contact with water which can either fill the whole pipe or be sprayed on as a coating. RootX then flows to the top of your pipes where more than 90% of most root intrusion occurs. The product adheres to pipe walls and prevents root regrowth for up to three years. Additionally, the remaining dead roots decay with time and your pipes are restored to their full capacity. From go to whoa, RootX treatments take less than half an hour so there will be minimal disruption to your daily life.

Is RootX Safe to Clear Blocked Drains?

RootX treatments have a long history of safe use both here and overseas. RootX does not kill or stunt any trees or other vegetation around the blocked pipe. The active ingredient in the product is a herbicide named Dichlobenil which has been used for a very long time to control aquatic weeds. This chemical has very minimal environmental impact so it is able to be used in all pipes, drains and septic tanks without adversely affecting the environment. RootX is also non-systemic meaning it is not soluble in water so it is not absorbed by plants. It is also non-fumigating so it does not form a poisonous gas when applied. RootX is completely safe to use and for over a decade, councils around Australia have relied on RootX as part of their drain maintenance programs.

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