Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Silverwater Plumbing are fully qualified and skilled in all areas of kitchen renovation plumbing. With years of experience in the profession, we understand all the ins and outs involved in kitchen renovations. From a timely schedule, to working with all tradesmen involved in the project, to code and accuracy, we are skilled plumbers who you can depend on for a first-rate bathroom renovation.

Silverwater Plumbing handle all plumbing aspects involved with your kitchen renovation, such as disconnecting, moving and reconnecting kitchen plumbing fittings and fixtures. We also handle all planning, arranging and managing of all plumbing tasks that must be performed during the kitchen renovation.

Kitchen renovations demand detail. When appliances are not properly fitted, the kitchen can be a dangerous place. A good kitchen renovation plumber is essential. Silverwater Plumbing employ only fully licensed, experienced and qualified kitchen renovation plumbers who are quick and efficient with a focus on detail and a dedication to on-time work.

How Does it Work?

Silverwater Plumbing coordinates with all tradesmen involved in the project. Each project will vary depending on the complexity of the job, however, we will require three visits to complete the necessary work in your bathroom renovation.

  1. Our initial visit will be to disconnect existing fixtures, such as the cooktop oven, taps, sink and so on.
  2. We will then relocate waste, gas and water pipes into their new positions and ensure all heights are accurate for new bench tops and cabinets. During this visit, we ask homeowners to have their tap ware and fixtures on site for us to help ensure the accuracy of the positioning.
  3. Once the carpentry work has been performed and worktops and cabinets are installed, we then return to connect all kitchen fixtures like the oven, cooktop, taps, fridges, ice-maker, and so on.

Contact Silverwater Plumbing for all your kitchen renovation plumbing needs. With years of experience in kitchen renovations, we are the trusted experts you can rely on. Give us a call today.

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