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If you have a blocked drain anywhere in Sydney, Silverwater Plumbing is your reliable local plumber of choice. We offer emergency drain clearing services Sydney-wide 24/7 and regularly receive phone calls late night and on weekends from Sydney homeowners and businesses with a clogged or blocked drains.

Whether your toilet plumbing is stopped up or you need your sink drain cleared, Silverwater Plumbing are available 24 hours for all emergency drain and sewer clearing jobs. Our team of expert local plumbers are trained in the latest techniques for clearing pipes of all kinds including kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks as well as blocked showers and toilet plumbing.

Our mobile toolkits have the most modern, specialist equipment, such as high-pressure jetters and electric eels, to clear and repair even the most stubborn and badly clogged pipes.

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There is no job too big or small:

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  • Unblock Sink Drains
  • Drain Leaks
  • Pipe Relining
  • Blocked Sewer Lines
  • Blocked Pipes
  • Drain Repairs
  • CCTV Camera Inspections
  • Emergency Drainage Solutions
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  • Burst Water Pipes, Broken Sewer Pipes and Waste Disposals

4 Warning Signs of Blocked Drains in Sydney

However, you can prevent blocked sewer drains and pipes in Sydney in the first place by early detection. Blocked drains are a common plumbing problem that is easily avoidable by looking for these warning signs you have a clogged pipe. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to tell if you simply have a clogged pipe or a bigger problem such as a blocked main sewer line.

  1. Blocked Toilet – Low Water Level

    A clear sign of a clogged toilet drain is low toilet water levels. A clogged drain is also indicated by a slow draining toilet. All clogged toilet drains should be given priority as they may result in an overflow of raw sewerage if the main sewer line is blocked. For immediate emergency drain cleaning anywhere in Sydney, please call your trusted local plumbers – Silverwater Plumbing.

  2. Sink Blockages – Slow Draining Water

    Slow draining water in sinks can also be a tell-tale sign of a blocked bath pipe or clogged shower drain. As water pools, it drains slowly. The blocked sink may worsen as soap and hair further clogs the drain which may result in flooding. To prevent clogged pipes getting worse, call your local Sydney drain clearing specialists at Silverwater Plumbing before you end up with a blocked sewer drain.

  3. The Need to Clear a Foul Smelling Drain

    As more waste builds up on top of the blocked drain, it will break down and decompose then upstream water becomes stagnant. These factors result in foul smells around any blocked sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets. If you have smelly drains, Silverwater Plumbing can unblock your pipes across Sydney around the clock.

  4. Problems with Gurgling Drains

    Blocked drains may emit a gurgling noise from the pipes when water drains away from the obstruction. Besides having an annoying noise in your pipes, this could be a sign of larger blocked drain problems. Silverwater Plumbing can come to you and unblock your drain in any Sydney location with our specialist equipment such as high-pressure water jetters and electric eels.

4 Common Causes of Sydney’s Blocked Drains

If you identified with any blocked drain symptoms above, chances are your drains may be clogged. Perhaps you’re wondering what causes blocked drains in the first place. The usual blockage causes are listed below:

  1. Hair Blockages

    Over our 10 years unblocking Sydney drains, we have found hair one of the most common culprits for causing drain blockages. Hair binds with grease and soap to create difficult to remove clogs.

  2. Soap Blockages

    Our Sydney blocked drain customers often wonder how soap can cause pipe blockages. However, some soaps are made with grease or fat and these combine with water to leave soap scum clogging shower and bath pipes.

  3. Food Scrap Blockages

    Another common blocked drain cause we see all the time all around Sydney is a build-up of food in kitchen sinks. This has had many people calling us for emergency drain unblocking services. Additionally, grease and oils solidify in pipes causing bad clogs.

  4. Tree Roots

    Working across the Sydney metro area, we often come across tree roots that have invaded drains and done significant pipe damage. Small cracks or leaky underground pipes allow tree root intrusion into drains. Once inside the pipes, plant roots grow quickly, obstruct water flow and can cause serious pipe damage. Clearing tree roots from pipes is often complex and may require high-pressure jetter cleaning, trenchless pipe relining repair and sometimes even excavation. It is a good idea to inspect underground pipes annually to prevent costly plumbing repairs in future.

Do-It-Yourself Blocked Drain Tips

As a local Sydney plumbing company, we want to help people avoid the expense of having to call a professional plumber. Therefore, we’ve included some DIY drain unblocking fixes here. So, before you reach for a toxic drain cleaner or call a plumber, try these home solutions yourself.

  1. Unblock a Drain with a Plunger

    The good old plunger dislodges food particles stuck in the p-trap beneath your sink. Simply, half fill your sink with warm water and push up and down on the plunger. Finish up by rinsing the drain with hot water. This works a treat for toilet blockages as well. However, plungers may only be useful for minor blocked pipe problems.

  2. De-clog Pipes with a Bent Coat Hanger

    For hair or other small objects stuck in bathroom drains, remove the drain cover then fish around to loosen pipe blockages using a bent piece of hooked wire. Coat hangers are good for removing hard but reachable blockages in drains.

  3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

    Start by pouring hot water down your blocked drain, then add half a cup of baking soda and let sit for a few minutes. Next, pour 1 cup of vinegar and one cup of boiling water. Cover with the drain plug and after 5 to 10 minutes, flush the drain once more with boiling water. This homemade pipe clearing volcano can remove some of the most challenging pipe blockages.

You Really Don’t Want a Blocked Drain Sewer in Sydney

Most people in Sydney don’t even think about their sewer lines until they have a major problem. A serious main sewer line clog can cause raw sewage to backup come out of drains. Blocked sewer drains can cause significant damage to your home. Furthermore, blocked sewers can be expensive to repair or replace. To avoid the need for costly emergency plumbing, we recommend proactive sewer unblocking strategies. Silverwater Plumbing can unblock Sydney drains with our state-of-the-art drain clearing technologies including hi-pressure jetters and electric eels. If we are unable to remove the initial blockage, we may recommend a CCTV camera inspection to identify pipe problems.

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