Water leakage can happen anywhere at any time in Sydney. Leaking pipes underground are more common than you might expect, and they can cause some serious issues if you don’t detect them as soon as possible. There are number of ways to find a leak in your Sydney home. As soon as you notice them, you should contact a professional Sydney plumber to undertake water leak repair work.

What Causes Underground Water Leaks in Sydney?

Several things can cause water leakage underground. Some chemicals in water or soil underground can cause your pipes to crack. These chemicals erode your pipes, and they will begin to leak water into your soil or the slab beneath your Sydney home.

Leaking pipes underground can also be caused by soil movement. If the ground under your house begins to shift, it can put a lot of pressure on your water pipes. With time, your pipes may break, and water will change the soil beneath the slab. This could affect the structural integrity of your house. Water leakage is also associated with health issues such as bacterial or mould growth.

How Can I Detect Water Leakages Beneath My Sydney House?

The first step you should take to identify a leak in your water pipes is checking your water meter. Before doing this, you should turn off all water appliances in your house, like taps, toilets and washing machines. After this, look at the dial on your water meter, note its position, and then recheck it in half an hour. If the numbers have increased, there is likely a water pipe leaking underneath your house.

Regularly checking your water bill is also a wise idea. Doing so can help you detect unexpected water usage that may indicate leaks underground. If you notice an unexplainable increase in water usage, you may have a leaking pipe. When this happens, you should contact Silver Water Plumbing so we can undertake pipe leak repair.

If an underground pipe leaks in your home, you may notice water in strange places. You may also observe unexplained lush spots in your backyard or water pooling up in your yard. Additionally, your home may have a musty smell or mould growth. All of these are signs of plumbing leaks in your Sydney home.

What Should I Do When I Notice Water Seepage in Sydney?

If you think you have a water pipe leaking under your home, contact Silver Water Plumbing. We can provide plumbing leak detection services or pipe repair no matter where you are in Sydney. We’re fully licensed and qualified plumbers with high-quality leak detection equipment. We can provide emergency water leak repair or detection any day or night, and we’re available 24/7. We offer an on-time guarantee and a lifetime warranty to our valued customers across Sydney.

When you think you may have leaking pipes underground, call Silver Water Plumbing on (02) 9199 2056 or send an email to workorders@silverwaterplumbing.com.au right away.

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