Does your tap water taste and smell funny or perhaps you concerned about what’s added to your drinking water? Although the quality of drinking water in Australia is considered high by world standards, microorganisms and chemicals may still be present. Installing a water filter in your home can help reduce these potentially hazardous agents and is the first step in protecting the health of your family.

Potential Health Hazards in Water

Despite Sydney water doing a great job of filtering and treating our drinking water, there may remain a number of potential microbiological and chemical risks.

Potential Biological Risks


Although using chlorine as a disinfectant normally destroys most bacteria, some disease-causing bacteria may still exist in drinking water as the result of contamination with human or animal faeces. Furthermore, bacteria may grow in water mains but this is usually managed by Sydney Water by ensuring there’s enough chlorine residue to protect the water during transit to your tap.


Some viruses that survive the disinfecting process may be hazardous to your health with the most significant ones for drinking water being those which multiply in our intestines. Some viruses also survive in the environment as they remain contagious for long periods and tertiary treatment does not eliminate them all.


Protozoa are single-celled microorganisms found in drinking water that generally feed on bacteria and algae. Cryptosporidium and giardia are classified as protozoa and they may result in serious diseases. Unfortunately, the cysts of these two protozoa may resist disinfection by traditional means.

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