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At Silver Water Plumbing, every Sydney plumber we hire brings many years of experience paired with the right tools for the job. Our team of licensed plumbers has over 30 combined years of expertise, and we assist commercial and residential clients. No plumbing problem is too small or too large for our team to handle.

We happily provide our top-rated plumbing services throughout Sydney and its surrounding areas. From start to completion, we bring the same level of quality to every job, using only professional plumbers. Whether you need to fix a clogged toilet or install a new plumbing system, you can trust our team.

Expect customized local plumbing solutions for your plumbing needs alongside a friendly handshake and smile. We’re proud to call Sydney our home and provide cost-effective plumbing strategies to residents who need them the most.

The Areas & Suburbs We Serve Throughout Sydney

Our Sydney plumbing company services the following areas throughout Sydney:

We help neighbourhoods and properties of various sizes and layouts. You can count on our team to improve your plumbing, from small one-bedroom apartments to massive warehouses. 

Fully Licensed & Insured Plumbers in Sydney

Searching for a “plumber near me” or “local plumber in Sydney” can be a nightmare as thousands or more results can pop up. Trying to navigate who to hire is easier said than done. Strategies for finding the right Sydney plumber or company may include: 

  • Getting a referral from a trusted source for a plumber in Sydney. While friends and family can be excellent sources, business referrals for a plumber often hold greater weight. 
  • Reading online reviews for a plumber and their plumbing company. In particular, Google reviews can offer remarkable insights into a company’s services. At Silver Water Plumbing, we have earned many five-star reviews. 
  • Checking the plumber’s credentials to see if they’re qualified and licensed to perform the work you need. While it’s possible to save a few bucks by hiring an unlicensed or credentialed plumber, you may end up needing extensive repairs in the future.  A licensed Sydney plumber is critical.
  • Asking the plumbing company if they are insured for residential and commercial plumbing jobs in the Sydney CBD. It’s essential to have an experienced plumber who is insured for new plumbing work or plumbing repairs so you don’t get stuck if you have any issues.

You can trust you’re receiving the best service when working with our team. Every Sydney plumber at Silver Water Plumbing undergoes a strict vetting process. We only hire plumbers passionate about their craft and eager to assist every customer.

5-Star Rated Local Plumber & Emergency Plumber Sydney

Over 800 on-site reviews from satisfied customers have given Silver Water Plumbing a nearly five-star rating. When using our local Sydney plumbers our customers appreciate us for the following qualities: 

  • Quick and reliable emergency plumbing services: We finish any repair or installation job as quickly as possible and are readily available for emergency Sydney plumbing for any 24-hour emergency in Sydney NSW. While we never sacrifice quality, it’s also our goal to cause minimal disruption to your home or business. We are a local plumber available 24 hours a day with a wide range of plumbing services and are ready for all plumbing emergencies.
  • We always have the right tools for the job: Whether we’re installing a new flash valve for your toilet or need to fix a severe leak, our team comes fully prepared. We stock our vehicles with the needed tools before beginning any job.  
  • Straightforward pricing with no hidden fees: Our company values integrity. To that end, we provide clear pricing with no hidden fees. Our process starts with a free estimation where we can discuss options aligned with your budget and needs. 
  • Transparent communication: We always keep our clients in the loop, whether we’re performing a two-hour job or a job lasting a day or more. You’ll never be kept in the dark about our progress, and our team will answer any questions you have. 
  • We emphasize safety and security: We utilize the best safety standards to ensure our workers never get harmed while on the job. We also take great care to prevent damage to your home or belongings. 
  • A 100% customer satisfaction guarantee: Our reviews speak for themselves. To show how much we back our services, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We offer this guarantee no matter the size or scope of your project. 

Our Company’s Values, Mission Statement, and More

At Silver Water Plumbing, we created our company with numerous goals and objectives in mind. You’ll be happy to know that we embrace the following values: 

  • We’re always punctual for every project we tackle.
  • Our team takes the time to bond on and off the job, resulting in a healthier work environment. 
  • We see our clients as our lifeblood and treat every project as if it was our own home or business. 
  • We always accept responsibility and welcome criticism—your feedback is instrumental to our growth! 
  • We demonstrate integrity by never taking any shortcuts or trying to save a few extra bucks. 

Our mission is producing reliable and satisfactory results through our professionally trained team. We raise the standards in the plumbing industry and the trades services industry as well. 

We’re not just here to complete the job but to forge long-lasting relationships. Alongside our over 700 five-star reviews on Google, our team has earned the following accolades: 

  • Word of Mouth service award in 2016 through 2020
  • 2021 Australian Achievers Awards for demonstrating excellence in customer service 
  • 2020 Local Business Awards 
  • The finalist of the 2021 Australian Small Business Champion Awards

Our Sydney Plumbing Services

No matter a project’s scope, we at Silver Water Plumbing can upgrade your property’s plumbing system with top notch services in Sydney. Our team offers many plumbing services for Sydney businesses and homeowners using the latest plumbing tools from pure plumbing professionals. We are your trusted local plumber and can handle any plumbing issue. Our plumbers can help when you need a plumber with complete plumbing solutions for Sydney locals all year around.

Hot Water Systems

Water heating is something Sydney residents need every day, especially during colder months. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to take a hot shower after a long day only to discover no warm water coming out.


Call our team when you notice problems with your water heater. These problems may include the following:

  • An extreme increase in energy bills that you can’t explain (such as from having more people in your home or colder temperatures). 
  • You have no hot water, even if your water heater is functioning. 
  • You’re constantly running out of hot water. 
  • You notice tank leakage. 

An increase in energy bills or running out of hot water quicker than usual can seem like minor issues. However, these minor issues may indicate more significant problems are happening. They will not improve without a plumber’s assessment. 

By having our team address these issues the moment they occur, you will likely avoid expensive repairs or replacements. Our team will inspect your hot water systems and tell you if you need repairs or a replacement. 

If you need a replacement, we can suggest a new energy-efficient system. We work with various systems, including:

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can create massive problems for your Sydney home. Our team can assist you whether you have a blocked bathroom drain or a clogged stormwater drain. 

Drains can get clogged for many reasons, and stormwater drains can especially cause problems for your home. Stormwater drains connect to your property’s septic tanks or sewage systems. Following a nasty storm, debris like twigs, fertilizer, leaves, tree roots, rocks, oil residue, and more can block your stormwater drain.


Once this blockage leads to a blocked sewage system, homeowners can expect frequent back-ups. These back-ups contain viruses, germs, bacteria, and more that can compromise your or your family’s health. 

Our team can stop blocked drains before they cause disastrous issues. Our many solutions include:

  • Using CCTV cameras: Our team learns and adopts the latest technology, including CCTV cameras. For serious blockages, we use a drain CCTV camera to locate the site of a block. This method can also identify what’s causing the clog. 
  • Chemical drain cleaning: Our qualified team uses the best commercial cleaning solutions for sewage backups. Strong chemicals like VAPOROOTER and ROOTX can kill invading tree roots and prevent them from growing again. 
  • Jet blasting: Our team can employ jet-blasting techniques for stubborn drain clogs. Our jet-blasting tools will eliminate pesky build-ups caused by dirt, debris, leaves, food, and more. 
  • Repairing your sewer drain: It’s crucial to eliminate blocked drains the moment they appear. Blocked drains can cause major damage and cracks in your pipes. To save money, we will try to replace damaged portions before replacing your entire sewage drain system.

Pipe Relining 

Sydney residents rely on their pipes for everything from taking a shower, flushing toilets, washing dishes, and more. Pipes that need to be fixed or are not working as well as they should can cause many frustrations. 

Pipes can last between 20 and 100 years or more, depending on the material. Replacing your entire piping system may sound daunting. When calling a plumber in Sydney, exploring pipe relining is an intelligent decision. 

Pipe relining lets you repair your pipes without struggling to replace them. Replacing pipes is an invasive process that requires extensive excavation and disruption. Pipe relining avoids these problems by inserting a customized liner into your drain and inflating this liner with compressed air. 

A few hours following this process, epoxy resin moulds to your drain’s inner surface. Your pipe will then perform like new. This procedure requires no digging, resulting in a stress-free experience and significant cost savings. 

Pipe relining is only sometimes the appropriate solution. Our Silver Water Plumbing team continually strives to save you time and money, and we’ll tell you if pipe relining is appropriate or ill-advised. Pipe relining might not be effective if you’re experiencing more serious issues like excessive leaking, pipe corrosion, or tree root damage.

Signs you may need pipe relining are: 

  • Reduced water quality 
  • Your bathtub has sludge 
  • You’re experiencing rust or clogs
  • A nearby tree has punctured your pipes 
  • Water backups
  • Odd smells in your yard
  • Your toilet makes gurgling sounds

Water Filters 

While Australian water is perfectly safe to drink, contaminants can still seep in. Dust and chlorine can build inside your pipe’s sediment. Our team can replace any system that looks dirty or poses a health risk. 

Even bottled water can pose detrimental risks to your health. We recommend installing water filters for Sydney residents looking for the cleanest drinking water. Water filters are a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to bottled water and can save money. 

We have plenty of experience installing water filters and can customize your system according to your needs. Our water filter technologies include instant cold or hot water when needed. 

Our customization options are especially beneficial to companies. For example, your employees may have various hot and cold water preferences. We can create a customized system that appeals to everyone’s specific tastes. 

We work with various water filter models and can suggest a specific option if you’re unsure.

Gas Fitting  

The proper gas fitting does more than increase your energy efficiency and lower your monthly bills. This service can also prevent gas leaks, which can cause adverse, potentially fatal health problems and even explosions. 

We offer various gas line services, including connecting gas lines to your appliances. Our well-equipped technicians can connect your gas lines tightly and securely. You can also use our efficient service to check your gas lines’ connections regularly. 

Signs you have a loose gas line or leak may include the following: 

  • Higher energy bills 
  • Dead plants or vegetation 
  • Low gas pressure levels 
  • You’re experiencing unexplained health concerns like nausea, headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, flu-like symptoms, dizziness, and more
  • You’re having difficulty breathing or experiencing irregular breathing

Dripping or Leaking Taps

A slow-dripping faucet or tap is often a low priority for many homeowners. While a dripping tap may only slightly increase your monthly energy bill, these extra expenses will add up quickly. A dripping tap can also indicate more significant problems or lead to a leak. 

If left unaddressed, a leak may escalate into you needing expensive repairs. Leaks can create substantial energy bills, massive water loss, and extensive structural damage to your home. Water damage can also create the right conditions for mould growth, leading to many health complications. 

Our Silver Water Plumbing team can quickly diagnose the issue and recommend the proper repair or replacement strategies. Besides faucets, appliances like dishwashers, fridges, and laundry machines can start to drip or leak. 

From faucets to appliances, our team can implement the best repair strategy. We always carry the necessary spare parts for the right machines. We can also help you install new tapware to reduce your monthly water bill.

Septic Tank Issues

When you notice septic tank problems, call our licensed professional team right away. With a compromised septic tank, you may need our emergency plumber.

Typical signs you have issues with your septic tank include the following: 

  • You’re noticing nasty emissions or odours.
  • Your yard has unexplained wet patches.
  • There’s green grass around your septic tank.
  • Your toilets are flushing very slowly. 
  • You have a strong overflow of liquid waste coming from your disconnector trap. 

Our repair process starts by investigating your septic system to identify the primary issue. Once we’ve found the problem, we’ll ensure your system functions well for years to come.

Shower Issues 

A qualified plumber in Sydney can have your shower working in no time. We can handle various shower repairs like: 

  • Fixing and preventing regular shower leaks, which can lead to structural damage
  • Resolving blocked or overflowing shower drains 
  • Eliminating clogs or blocks 
  • Fixing leaky showerheads or taps
  • Preventing mould from growing—a common issue in bathrooms with a lot of moisture 
  • Waterproofing your shower and bathroom 
  • Installing a new shower system 
  • Tile regrouting

Residential Plumbing

Whether you need help maintaining your current plumbing system, general plumbing repairs, 24-hour emergency plumbing, plumbing installations, are exploring home renovation ideas, you can trust our plumbing services in Sydney. We know how much pride Sydney residents take in their homes. We want to create a healthier household with our reliavel plumbing services. 

Our residential plumbing professionals can handle anything from fixing a clogged toilet, installing a new water heater, or troubleshooting your piping system. We work on homes and apartments of various sizes, scopes, and layouts.

Commercial Plumbing

Sydney has many thriving businesses across countless industries. When these businesses need help with their plumbing, they call our expert team.

We bring ten years of commercial plumbing experience. Our plumbers seamlessly work with various companies and industries, including retail and healthcare.

With our commercial plumbers in Sydney, you’ll gain the following:

  • A broad scope of technologies and tools 
  • Industrial-grade products, services, construction, and solutions
  • An excellent track record of meeting commercial clients’ strict demands
  • A committment to understanding you and your business’s needs
  • Attention to detail and competitive pricing 
  • A team that works within your budget without limiting overall quality

Emergency Plumbing

In an ideal world, plumbing mishaps happen when we have the most time to deal with them. Unfortunately, emergency plumbing situations can happen anytime, whether in the afternoon or at three in the morning. 

Our Silver Water Plumbing team provides 24/7 emergency services for Sydney homeowners and businesses. Dealing with an overflowing toilet or a gas leak can cause tremendous stress and potential property damage. When you call us for emergency help, our team springs into action to deliver efficient and hassle-free plumbing solutions.

Regular Maintenance and Tune-up Services 

Our regular maintenance and tune-up services can significantly boost your plumbing system’s overall efficiency. With regular maintenance appointments, our team ensures all your appliances are working as needed. We can also install backflow and rainwater prevention systems. 

If you’re exploring new renovation projects for your home or business, contact our team. We can expert pair you with the right plumbing system or components for your home or business.

Why You Should Stay Away from DIY Plumbing and Use a Sydney Plumber

When searching for a “plumber near me,” all the prices you see may make you uneasy. To save money, sometimes residents will explore DIY solutions or hire unlicensed contractors. We don’t recommend DIY plumbing for several reasons: 

  • Flooding: Flooding can occur for many reasons, like not shutting off the main water valve, accidentally breaking your pipes or not sealing them, or using too much force when you open your valves. 
  • Fire risks: When trying to repair or install your water heater, you may accidentally overheat several components. This overheating can lead to burns and fires. 
  • You won’t have the right tools or experience: All the tutorials in the world can’t make your plumbing experience match a licensed plumber’s. You’ll also likely need more specialized tools to get the job done. 
  • It can cost you more time and money: You may buy the wrong components and tools or spend hours trying to fix the wrong part. Likewise, you’ll need to pay for emergency repairs if you accidentally break a pipe. 
  • You may void a warranty: Appliances like dishwashers or water heaters often come with strict caveats regarding their warranties. You may void an appliance’s warranty by attempting to repair it yourself or using an uncertified contractor.  

While DIY solutions can be tempting, they’re almost always not worth the risk. Our team can quickly and expertly repair, install, or replace any plumbing system feature. We know how tight money can be, so we provide competitive pricing and free estimations.

$0 Call Out Fee for Sydney Customers

Deciding to hire a plumbing team can cause many homeowners stress. After all, no one likes to pay money unless absolutely necessary. For these reasons, many residents avoid calling a plumbing company unless they’re dealing with an emergency. 

If you’re dealing with a leaky faucet or notice your energy bill is higher than usual, you will benefit from our plumbing services. To help you save money and weigh your options, we provide a zero-dollar call out fee to all our Sydney customers. 

Let our team inspect your plumbing system, diagnose the problem, and give you a free estimate for repairs. You can trust that our quote has no hidden fees.

What to Expect from Silver Water Plumbing

Choosing a reliable plumbing service and the right plumbing team for your needs can take time and effort. Every plumber on our Sydney team brings the following assets:  

  • All the necessary qualifications, knowledge, and years of experience 
  • A professional attitude and clean, presentable demeanour 
  • Always tool-ready, no matter the project 
  • A passion for solving plumbing problems—our team loves to solve complex challenges
  • Respectful to every customer they work with, and always responsible
  • Specialized knowledge—we’ll always pair you with the right professional who can handle your specific issue
  • Has firsthand knowledge and experience in your local area

To Find a Top Plumber Near Me, Contact Our Team Today 

The Silver Water Plumbing crew brings over thirty years of experience troubleshooting and fixing plumbing issues. From minor fixes, plumbing maintenance, commercial plumbing service, home plumbing, and urgent plumbing, to massive projects, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We’re proud to service Sydney and its many communities. 

Need a reliable plumber today? For the best plumber in Sydney, book an appointment with us today. Give us a call on 02 9199 2055! 


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