Modular Grease Trap

The Modular Grease Trap (MGT) is available in sizes from 500 to 10,000-litre capacity. The MGT is designed to be upgradeable for future expansion by adding extra modules. Our continued commitment to the environment has led to the current design – it reduces up to 95% of oil, grease and food products from entering the sewer system.

The MGT is ideal for challenging site applications. Installation costs can be considerably reduced as there is no need for cranes or heavy haulage equipment. The MGT can be installed in butcher shops, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, takeaways and any commercial premises that discharge oil and grease.

Quality Controls
All products have been certified by a qualified structural engineer to withstand loads imposed during installation, soil movement, hydrostatic pressure, and loads imposed by vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The Modular Grease Trap is manufactured using modern and technically advanced equipment. The computer-controlled equipment ensures perfect quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

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