Some of the worst smells that can occur in a home happen as a result of drain problems. This odour is extremely unpleasant for your family. Over time, your drains accumulate food, grease, toothpaste and hair. Once they’ve been left for a long time without being cleaned, you’ll begin to notice mysterious foul smells coming from the drain openings in your home. These smells aren’t just unpleasant – once the gunk in your drain is beginning to smell, you could be on the way to a bug infestation. Nobody wants to have to deal with cockroaches, mosquitoes and flies all throughout their home, so make sure you follow our DIY tips below to deal with smelly drains fast. However, if the issue is too difficult for you to deal with alone, don’t worry. The licensed and qualified plumbers at Silverwater Plumbing can come to your home any time and solve your stinky drain problems quickly and affordably.

DIY Smelly Drain Repairs

Time to Complete – 30 mins

Materials Required:

  • Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Boiling Water

Step One:

Fortunately, the process of cleaning out a smelly drain isn’t one that always requires the help of a professional plumber. The first thing you will need to do in order to clear a blocked drain is fill a pot of water. Bring it nearly to the boil and pour half of it down the drain. After this, wait for a few minutes. However, if your pipes are made of PVC, avoid using boiling water as this can damage the drains.

Step Two:

Next, you will need to rinse the drain with cold water. By doing this, you will be able to wash any grease, fat, oil or other grime and gunk down the drain.


Step Three:

In some cases, the use of hot and cold water together may be enough to solve a smelly drain. These situations involving more stubborn buildups may require the use of baking soda and white vinegar. In these cases, begin by pouring one cup of baking soda down the drain.


Step Four:

Heat two cups of white vinegar nearly to the boil. Once they are ready, carefully pour each cup down the drain. The mixture will begin to fizzle and bubble inside the drain pipe.


Step Five:

Once you have poured the mixture of baking soda and hot vinegar down the drain, wait for fifteen minutes. Once the time is up, rinse out the sink with hot tap water to remove any residual grease, fat or oil on the inside of your pipes.

Step Six:

In some situations, undertaking this process once will not be enough. If this is the case, simply repeat all of these steps until you receive the desired effect. However, you should never turn to drain cleaning liquids sold over the counter at stores. These products are highly caustic and can cause harm to your drains, family and pets.

Drain Still Smelly? Call Sydney’s Best Blocked Drains Plumbers

In most cases, the steps we’ve listed above will be more than enough to clear out a smelly blocked drain. However, some of these cases can occur due to a number of complex factors that may be outside the control of an average homeowner in Sydney. If you find yourself with a smelly drain that just won’t respond to hot water or vinegar and baking soda, get into touch with Silverwater Plumbing. We’ve been in the plumbing industry for years and built up a strong reputation for fast, friendly and reliable service. Our tradesmen are licensed, qualified and fully equipped to deal with any plumbing issues that may be bothering you including stinky drains. There’s no reason to suffer in silence when you’re having problems with the drain system in your home. Instead, get in touch with the friendly team at Silverwater Plumbing today by calling (02) 9199 2055 or send an email to

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