Time to Complete:

25 minutes

Tools Required:

  • Spanners
  • Shifting wrench
  • Multi-grip pliers
  • A screwdriver

Materials Required:

  • Tap washer kit
  • Jumper valves
  • An O-ring

Many Sydney residents are kept awake by the sound of a dripping tap. Besides the annoying noise, leaky taps can result in thousands of litres of water a year literally going down the drain. Not only does this increase your water bill each quarter, but it is also a terrible waste of our most valuable resource. This means it’s important to fix your leaking tap as soon as possible. The good news is DIY leaky tap fixes are generally quite easy for those with basic tools and handyman knowledge.
Silver Water Plumbing have provided this article to all Sydney homes to provide instructions on how to repair your leaky faucet or tap. However, if you get stuck or would rather have a professional, licensed Sydney plumber perform this job for you, please give us a call on (02) 9199 2055 or email workorders@silverwaterplumbing.com.au.

Why Do Taps Leak in the First Place?

There is any number of causes of a leaking tap. Plumbing fixtures such as a dripping tap often leak because of damaged washers. Being made of rubber and subjected to regular use, tap washers will eventually disintegrate and break down. Other causes of dripping taps and faucets in local Sydney homes include malfunctioning cartridges, loose O-rings and even high water pressure in your pipes can put extra strain on your tapware.

Step 1: Turn off the Water Supply to your Home

First and foremost, ensure your switch off the water supply to your property before doing any plumbing repairs. The water mains can usually be found at the front boundary of Sydney homes. Simply open the box and turn the valve to off then go back inside your home and confirm your water supply is indeed off by turning on any plumbing fixture.

Step 2: Plug the Basin

Take it from professional plumbers who’ve fixed hundreds of dripping taps across Sydney – make sure you put a plug in the sink before starting any repairs. This will prevent any small parts being lost down the drain.


Step 3: Remove the Cover and Handle

The first step in repairing a leaky tap is to take off hot and cold covers on top of the tap handles. You’ll then need to use your monkey wrench or spanner to remove the handle itself.


Step 4: Take off the Tap Skirt

Some taps have a “skirt” at their base. If your tap is made in this style, you’ll need to use a set of pliers to remove it.

Step 5: Remove the Cover Plate

Next, you’ll need to use your spanner to undo the tap bonnet on top then take off the headgear (AKA – cover plate). The rubber washer and small jumper valve will then be visible.

Step 6: Remove the Washer

Following that, you need to ease the body itself so it’s looser and remove its washer and jumper valve.

Step 7: Replace the O-Ring

Wind the spindle to bring it out of the tap body. You’ll then see the O-ring which you have to replace.

Step 8: Reassemble the Tap

The final step is to put your tap back together by putting the bonnet back on but try not to make it too tight. Last but not least, turn on your mains water supply and if your tap’s not dripping give yourself a big pat on the back!


Tap Still Leaking? – Call Silver Water Plumbing

For some Sydney residents, the above DIY dripping tap repairs may be a little bit too much to handle by themselves. Therefore, it’s necessary to get in touch with professional Sydney plumbers to help stop that annoying leaking tap. If you could not complete the job by following the above DIY tap repair instructions, please contact Silver Water Plumbing for expert plumbing services across Sydney. We are fully licensed and insured with the skills to repair any model of leaking tap and offer emergency and routine maintenance plumbing service 24/7 around the clock.

Next time you have a dripping tap, save time and hassle and simply call Silver Water Plumbing to reduce your water bill and safeguard our most precious resource.

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