Everybody loves trees and the shade and fresh air they provide us. They’re such a normal part of our lives and you might not have considered the risks they can pose to your home. Some species of tree shouldn’t be planted too close to your house because they have aggressive root systems which can cause a lot of damage to your drainpipes.

Some types of trees are more well-known for creating issues with your plumbing. These trees grow aggressively and form root systems within your pipes. They include jacarandas, figs, gum trees and oaks. If you’re thinking about planting a new garden, make sure you ask your nursery for plants and trees that don’t have invasive roots. Additionally, you might like to think about using root barriers in the ground to control root systems. A complete list of trees that should not be planted near pipes is given below for your information:

Don’t Plant These Trees Within 10 to 15 Metres of Your Pipes

Brush Box
Lophostemon Confertus

Bunya Pine
Araucaria bidwillii

Ficus species

Illawarra Flame trees

Gum Trees
Eucalyptus species

Hoop Pine
Araucaria cunninghamii

Jacaranda mimosifolia

Norfolk Island Pine
Araucaria hetcropshylla

Quercus species

Plane Trees
Platanus species

Populus species

She Oaks
Casuarina species

Silky Oak
Grevillia robusta

Rubber Trees
Ficus elastics

Leptospermum species

Acacia species

White Cedar
Melia azederach

Wisteria sinensis

Don’t Plant These Trees Within 3 to 6 Metres of Your Pipes

Adelia species

Phyllostachys species

Banksia species

Bird of Paradise
Sterlitzia reginae

Callistemon species

Bougainvillea species

Camellia species

Coral Tree
Erthrina species

Crepe Myrtle
Lagerstrocmia indica

Flame Tree
Brachychiton accritblium

Plumeria species

Grevillea species

Hibiscus species

Tibouchina species

Lilly Pilly
Syzygium species

Nerium oleander

Melaleuca species

Ligustrum species

Why Do Tree Roots Clog Pipes?

Roots grow into drains because of the environment they provide. Pipes carry water that hold air, water and nutrients – everything a tree needs to grow. If a pipe gets small cracks, it will let water into the soil around it. This draws tree roots towards the pipes. Once the roots are inside, they will grow quickly and block the entire pipe.

After this, tree roots will catch onto other substances in your drains like grease, fat or oil. This can make the blockage worse, as and they will possibly back up stop movement all throughout the pipe. When waste material from your kitchen or toilet is not flowing it could potentially lead to flooding which has can pose risks to your health and the structural integrity of your home.

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