Australia isn’t called the dry continent for no reason! With New South Wales currently experiencing one of the worst droughts on record and Sydney now on Level 1 water restrictions, it’s everybody’s responsibility to look after our most precious resource – our water. When you save water, not only are you ensuring the sustainability of our great city but you also save money. To reduce your water bills and help the environment at the same time, read on for Silver Water Plumbing’s water saving tips for your home.

  1. Take shorter showers
    Everyone loves a nice cool shower when the weather starts warming up. However, long showers use large amounts of water that literally goes straight down the drain. Try keeping your showers to less than two minutes to save water. For good measure, put a bucket in the shower with you and then use that water in your garden.
  2. Wait till You Have A Full Load of Washing
    Although washing machines make washing clothes so much easier, they also use huge amounts of water. To protect Sydney’s water resources, try to only wash when you have a full load.
  3. Practice Good Bathroom Habits
    Brushing your teeth and shaving with the water running is not only unnecessary but it also sees litres of water wasted every minute. Little things like this really add up over the course of time and small changes in daily habits can lead to huge water and cost savings.
  4. Repair Faulty Toilets and Taps
    Leaky toilets and taps can be major sources of water loss within the home. If a running toilet is keeping you awake at night, you can be sure you’re losing more than just sleep. A professional plumber can fix toilets quickly and easily thereby saving precious water and your hard-earned money at the same time.
  5. Start Using Vegetable Baths
    We all know how important it is to wash our vegetables before preparation, however many people are completely unaware of how much water is wasted by cleaning them under running water. A better alternative to save water is to fill up a bowl and wash them in a vegetable bath.
  6. Change to a Front-Loader
    Front-loading washing machines have higher water efficiency than top-loaders and can clean your clothes more thoroughly as well. The upfront cost of a new washing machine will be offset by the savings off your future water bills.
  7. Use A Dual Flush Toilet
    The dual flush toilet was actually an Australian invention created for our dry conditions so why not upgrade your old toilet and show your Aussie pride. You’ll not only be saving water but you’ll also support local innovation.
  8. Only Run the Dishwasher When Full
    Modern dishwashers have come a long way and are much more water efficient than older models. However, it’s still important to stick to the basic principle of only washing your dishes once you have a full load to avoid unnecessary water being used.
  9. Wash Pets on The Lawn
    To kill two birds with one stone, wash your dog on the lawn instead of in a tub. That way, you’ll not only have a clean pet but greener grass to boot.
  10. Install A Water Saving Showerhead
    Water efficient showerheads can cut your water use in half without affecting your shower experience. Professional plumbers can install new showerheads in as little as an hour and you’ll enjoy immediate benefits.
  11. Use A Broom Instead
    Nobody likes dirty driveways and paths but as responsible homeowners we now have to look for other options instead of the trusty old hose. Instead, try using a broom to sweep paths or even an outdoor blower/vac if you have one.
  12. Choose Water Efficient Appliances
    Every home uses a variety of water-consuming appliances and it’s important to choose those with the highest possible water rating. By aiming for 5 Star efficiency, your new appliance will basically pay for itself over the long run and you’ll be doing your bit to save water as well.
  13. Check for Leaks
    Leaky pipes can be a major source of wasted water within the home. Not only that but leaking water from damaged pipes could cause structural damage to your home. During these dry times, every homeowner should have a professional plumber undertake leak detection to prevent water wastage and avoid costly water damage.

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