Ecotec S100 Grease Extractor


The S100 is smaller and lighter than traditional grease traps and its weighs only 28kgs.

The S100 is ideal for difficult site applications, it fits through a doorway, can be installed inside and 1-2 people can lift it. The Ecotec Grease Extractor –S100 can be installed in butcher shops, cafes, restaurants, bakeries, takeaways and any commercial premises that discharges oil and grease. Some of our customers include KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Qantas, Caltex, Fox Studios and Coles Supermarket.

The Ecotec Grease Extractor –S100 is manufactured using the most modern and technically advanced equipment. The computer controlled equipment ensures perfect quality control throughout the manufacturing process. All products have been tested by a qualified structural engineer to withstand loads imposed during installation, by soil movement, hydrostatic pressure and loads imposed by both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The MGT is covered by a 7 year manufacturers warranty. Halgan Pty Ltd warrants all products are free from defects.

**Please check with your local Water Authority regarding approval conditions and suitability

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